Monday, 24 November 2008

Day 66 -

Tbh today wasn't interesting at all. Had my first lecture. Had nothing during the day till 2pm so went home. Took a nap, did the weekly assignment in 5 minutes and got 90%. Went to geological maps lecture. Was the last one of this semester meaning for the next two weeks on Monday I will only have a 9am lecture then can go home.
Also had to go find student services to get a letter to prove I am a student so I can re-new my priv ticket.
After locating myself on the Uni map, I went to the place that said student services only to see a sign saying

"Your new student services centre, opening January 2009"

Not a big help really.

Once again it took me ages to find and in the end it was the exact same place I had been to twice before already for my accommodation mix-up. Bought some scrubbing brushes for the kitchen as I can never seem to get my knifes and forks clean as well as some bleach and oust for my room as there is a constant weird smell in it.
Also I bought some permenant marker pens for the Otley run we are doing on Friday so that we can write on our t-shirts.

Did some chemistry revision, took a really long nap. No idea what the rest of E block did but judging by Lauren's facebook status I cam guessing some of them played pictionary. Man I wish I could have played.
Anyway, seeing as it was Adam's last night and he was in his room on his own (as was I), I decided to spend the night with him. Yes, I know that sounds gay.

We ended up playing a load of online games on a site called
My favorite was one where you are a mall guard and gotta shoot shoplifters with arrows. Also there is another one where you mine for minerals which Adam was playing fot quite a while. I would have had a go but by the end of it all it was 1:45am (neither of us realised how late it had gotten. I only thought it was about 11pm).

I also got a text from Ben H asking if I could meet him outside tomorrow as he has no idea where our Tuesday computer classes are held. Yes, that's right, 9 weeks and he has never once turned up to a class which is a core module and stupidly is the only module which is 100% coursework meaning he has already missed out on about 15% or so of his mark.
Tbh I'm suprised he actually wants to bother coming in tomorrow as every week he has said he definitely would but never did. Ah well.

I said to Adam I'd say bye properly to him tomorrow as he is leaving at about 9am. It's gonna be really different without him here. For one thing, it's gonna be a lot more boring for me having nobody else to really talk to in the flat anymore. But the new person might not be as bad as Charlotte (in that he might actually appear more than once a week and say more than just hello). If it IS a he that is.
Well, I'm just going on a bit now so that this entry is a little longer than needs be.

It's unlikely anything good will be in here the next few days until Friday I think. So don't get your hopes up.

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