Saturday, 29 November 2008

Day 71 - Getting there...

Right, times I have been drunk since Uni. The army social, the Taekwondo Otley run and the E block Otley run. Each time was a lot messier than the previous.
Yet for some strange reason, none of those times did I wake up with a hangover and on two of those ocassions, I ended up doing some sort of vigorous exercise the next day. Weird eh ?
I managed to get up about 12:45pm and have breakfast whilst talking to Mia who was quite ill despite being one of the only sober people of the night. Thinking back, despite the state I was in, I still remember everything that happened last night.
How one of the bouncers said we had to give him all our pens when we went into one of the pubs, promised to give them back to us when we left yet when we did refused at first in doing so, for no reason at all :S Think he just wanted to be a prick about it, as bouncers generally tend to over-react and/or attempt to spoil people's nights.
Not to mention how at the Hyde Park Pub the bouncer made Mike turn his shirt inside out because of the stuff that was written on it,

"Fuck you guys" (Mike says this a lot)
"Fuck off back to Canada"
"I like to do Mums"
"Piece of dick"
"I have a mangina"

Loads of stuff like that. Funny thing was, EVERYBODY has stuff written like that on their t-shirts, so not too sure why he singled out Mike out of all 17 of us.

Though one thing I forgot to write in the last blog was how on the walk home Adam said that he thought I was the type of guy who can easily pull girls in clubs and that he got that impression from just looking at me :S How wrong he was.
Maybe that's why he thought we had a chance with those two 23 year olds last night haha.

Despite Scott's accident, it was a really good night.

Eventually I got ready and went to training. The first part of the session was fitness but tbh was not that hard at all compared to other stuff we have done. Not sure if I am in better shape than I was before or if it was generally easier, but eitherway it was a nice feeling. Did some pattern work too which went quite well and then some sparring. At first was with an old woman called Liz. She is alright, but being old, is quite slow so is in it more for the fitness side of things I am guessing and yes, I made sure to make it light sparring.

I also watched a sparring match between Jerermy and one of the instructors who has 25 years experience. Now Jerermy is really good, one of the best there, and because of this, the insructor (Andy) wasn't holding back when sparring against him. Really made me see how much of a difference there was in the two as it's te first time I have seen Jeremry get pushed back in a sparring match and actually look as though he was losing. The spar ended when Andy threw a punch so hard it actually sent Jerermy's head flying backwards. It looked pretty painful tbh.

I stood by people hoping someone else would spar with me and somehow Anthony could sense that haha.
As soon as it began, I could actually feel the tension in the air change from sparring with Liz to Anthony who is a black belt and also one of the best in the class. It was really good to spar with him and I learned a lot about when to attack, defend, counter etc.

The session was over and I decided to make my way back home and get some food from the reducded to clear section in Tescos. I met Mike in there who was doing some shopping too who didn't know about the clearing section. Everyone should, it's a life saver. Though this evening I was disappointed. 3 baps for 34p and 4 muffins that were there, but didn't say the price. Original was 89p so eitherway it shouldn't be bad.
Though when I went to pay for them they cost £1.24 :@
I dunno what the hell happened, they should have been out of date today and were more expensive than the ones that weren't. From now on, even though I know how annoying it is from always being asked at JD Sports for it, I am going to ask staff to price check things that have no label on them.

I spent my evening there after watching 2 episodes of Heroes, eating and doing my report which I have now managed to finish. Daniel phoned me asking if I was going to the Sunday sparring tomorrow but I declined as I don't think I am ready for it yet, as he had to too, as he has loads of work to do and hasn't been able to turn up to training once this week. Bad times.

Also I swapped my family guy DVDs for John's Lord of the rings DVDs, so on bored days in I might actually watch them all. Maybe..
I still have Scarface and Fight Club that I bought specifally for Uni and still haven't watched those. But I got another 3 years here to worry about that :)
Think I might watch some more Heroes now...

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