Friday, 7 November 2008

Day 48 - Ok, NOW you can panic!

Planned to get up at 9am to do some revision, but what do you know, somehow slept till 11:30am. Didn't even go to bed late the night before. Maybe I'm just getting lazy.
While having breakfast, I got a called from Ben,

"Wes, know what lecture theatre we're meant to be in today"?
"....What do you mean, we're not in today"
"Yes we are".
"....Oh shit".

The time now was 11:45am, I looked at my timetable, I had already missed my first maths lecture at 10am. Next one was at 12pm. In my haste I thought this was the Ingleton de-brief, which we were specifically told NOT to miss. I was screwed.
I rushed my breakfast and decided I would get a cab, only problem was I had no money. Knew I shouldn't have had that subway last night!
Withdrew £10 and basically ran to Uni, hoping to pass a cab on the way. Didn't see a single one, first time in 6 weeks I didn't see a single cab. Shitty luck.
Finally arrived about 30 minutes late hot and sweaty. We weren't in our usual lecture theatre, were in the drama one for some reason. After walking about for about 20 minutes trying to find it I gave up. Annoyed and tired, I went to a computer cluster and carried on with my assignment.
After speaking to Ben on facebook it turns out there were about 5 Geologist in the upstairs cluster working on it together.
Using my God Speed impulse, I raced up there.
Had it not been for the help of the group, I never would have gotten better than about 13/80. Two of the people there actually did Geophysics so were a big help.
I then found out the actual thing that I had missed before was NOT the Ingleton de-brief, it was just some careers talk which was apparently the biggest waste of time ever.
So at least it wasn't all going bad.

Then had a 2 hour lesson on how to write essays. Yes, a full 2 hours on something you get taught at both school and college.
Got back to Clarence Dock and could finally relax. Geophysics out of the way, I played tetris till I surpassed my high score on it.
I had planned to go to a talk that night about the Permian, but was too tired and annoyed to bother so stayed in.
Was quite unsociable the rest of the night. Couldn't go in the kitchen as all the E block girls were having a "girls night" which involved curry, wine and watching the porn we bought Laura for her birthday.
Basically a combination of them being really loud and me not being able to sleep meant I was up till aout 1am.

Luckily Mike and Ben (Mann) came into the kitchen about 1:30am, smashed out their faces, and we began playing American Football in the square, along with Tim.

As we walked back, we decided it'd be a good idea to get a pizza. We ordered one and the girls tried to force Ben to get one for them, which tbh he never actually agreed to. Though when our pizza came they got really annoyed at him for not doing it (they could have just ordered it themselves).

It got to about 3am and I was tired. Though more and more people kept coming into our kitchen so I couldn't sleep, my room being right next to it. Finally drifted off about 5am, only to know I'd be up again at 7am for a 9am start.


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