Saturday, 22 November 2008

Day 64 - State the obvious 50 times

As predicted the night before, I ended up waking up at about 1:45pm, leaving just enough time to make training. Well, not really, I was actually kinda late, but still.
On the way there however I got a phone call from Daniel asking if the training was actually on as there was a volleyball match going on in the sports hall. I wasn't sure but told him it was definitely on, hoping it actually was.
I arrived at the sports centre to see a lot of the Taekwondo club standing by reception, no need to guess as to what the problem was here.
Basically the staff said they had sent an e-mail to people saying that this date had been booked (which they clearly hadn't) which meant we had no where to train for today. I'd like to remind readers that this is about the 5th time something like this has happened. Well, 6 if you include the fact they moved us to another hall to train despite there never being anyone in the hall we used to be in on Wednesdays anyway.
After some arguing with a staff member that was useless he walked off saying there was nothing he could do and that all halls were booked. However Kyle looked in sports hall 3 and noticed nobody was there.
Screw it we all thought. We'll use that hall till the people who booked it turn up.
Lucky for us, they never did.
So the training session went pretty smoothly. It was basically fitness then patterns then the last part we all got a little excited as we found some mats and were doing self-defense. Such as how to get out of head locks, choke holds and someone on top of you punching you. All went well except when it was my turn to be the attacker and get Claire in a head lock she moved too fast and I accidentally grabbed her boob instead of her head. Hopefully she didn't notice though.

After training a few of us decided to go the Old bar was Rob was on his way down and this would be the last time we see him for about a year or so. He turned up with two of his friends who at first were really quiet but after about an hour we somehow got into playing a game in which we go round in a circle naming all 50 states of America.
After watching Super size me I could add a few more to my arsnel, or so I thought.
Bit embarrassing that I thought Detroit was a state.
In the end we only got to 43 and couldn't think of the rest.


*Goes on wikipedia*

So, the ones that we DIDN'T get were

New Hampshire
West Virginia
Minnesota and Idaho.

Thank YOU wikipedia. I can now name all 50 states of America haha. Bring on the pub quiz!

Once this was done, we then went onto naming every single European country. For some reason I found this A LOT harder to do and was the first person out, even though a lot of the obvious ones hadn't been said (for some reason we got to about 40 and nobody had said switzerland yet).
We WERE going to do African countries next, but it was already about 7pm at this point and we all had to get home. So, I said bye to Rob and hope to seem him again in Summer, in which I also hope to be a kick ass Taekwondo master and Geologist.

The walk home was lonely and freezing as always. On arrival however I heard jazz coming from Adam's room. Had another short chill out session listening to more jazz and he gave some to me via his iPod. Dammit why does HE of all people have to be leaving!!? Things in flat 1.2 are gonna be crap with him gone, what with Laura being really friendly with the other girls, Charlotte never being in (I think she has gone home for the weekend because she hasn't said or done anything about the bowl, the new one is still on the table).

I started my report today too, didn't get far, but being an A level English student this should be easy. Got hungry so made some chocolate custard in which you just add hot water. It was so disgusting. I think it is the first time since being at Uni I have actually thrown food away (aside from apples I had that were going mouldy). I was mixing it for ages but it still tasted of powder. Urgh! Wish I hadn't bought 3 packets of the powdered stuff! As I was making it however Magda knocked on the kitchen window, I thought it was just to say hi but she asked me to open it and if I could let her out of Clarence Dock using my card as she had lost hers. After I had done so I realised that this was actually the first time I had heard Magda speak (by that I mean say more than hello) since the 2 months we have been here and it sounds as though she has a some what caribbean accent.

(I don't think I have ever talked about Magda yet but she is also in E block on the 2nd floor but is even rarer to see than a Tauros in the safari zone. She seems to never leave her room and is quite shy, so for me, this was somewhat of a treat).

Spent the rest of the night doing nothing really, sitting on facebook, reading manga. Hoping something would happen. Did some revision on logarithms too and was gonna start trigonometry but cba atm. Will do it tommorrow I hope.
Oh yeah, there should be a gig at the old bar tommorrow.
We will see when the time comes as to whether I can be bothered to go to it or not.


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