Sunday, 16 November 2008

Day 57 - Learning something new everyday...

Like every other Saturday, woke up during the day with just enough time for breakfast and squad training. Once again, it failed to let me down. 1 hour of fitness, 1 hour of sparring, can't argue with that. Even though the stretching hurt A LOT. Not sure whether it was meant to hurt that much, but it seriously felt as though I were about to tear a main ligament.
However, the sparring was great. Weird thing is, people I had gone up against in the past in which I used to not be able to get a single hit in, I seemed to be doing alright against this time :S
Even one girl who is quite small who last time I couldn't get close to before didn't seem half has hard as she was before. Could it have been that they were all holding back that much ? I hope not.
It's getting easier to do now, you start to notice that all people can do, is a punch or kick, and judging by their body movement, can predict which one is coming. Not to mention different people tend to have certain punches or kicks that they do quite often, which after a while you can counter against.
After the sparring session I sat down warming down with Jeremy and the small girl I was fighting before (think her name was Harriet). Turns out she used to practice about 6 hours a week when she did Taekwondo before Uni but now doesn't have the time.
It was then that I thought about it. People at Uni tend to say they can't do something because they don't have the time and/or are too busy. But thinking about, though I am only a first year, there has never really been a time when that has happened to me. I mean, she IS a 3rd year and doing medicine. But it seems as though people are only "too busy" when they leave things to the last minute.
That seems to be the case with me and even Daniel said that is what it is like throughout the whole time you're here, and he is also a 3rd year doing Civil Engineering.
So, just gotta stay on top of my game really.

After training Daniel and I didn't really want to go home as we'd be bored, so instead when to the old bar with Jesse and another 2nd year girl (she has said her name loads of times but we can't remember it :S).
Was quite interesting actually, Jesse (who is Australian) was talking to us about politics etc, as she had never heard of the BNP.
Also she found it quite strange that in the UK you didn't actually HAVE to vote, as in Australia you get fined if you don't vote.
Also I found out that even though teaching ends on the 12th, that isn't actually the date I have to leave, meaning I can attend the last training session AND the party Simon is having on the 13th, YES!

This does mean however I will be back a day or two later than I promised everyone, but ah well. Should definitely be back by Sunday.

Got back to Clarence Dock but everyone was doing their own thing. Laura was having ANOTHER girls night. Adam was in his room with Maeve as she has come to visit again for a few days (though I still haven't seen her once).
So I stayed in my room all evening, decided to start my Geophysics which seemed really easy, meaning I must be doing it wrong. Just sat about doing nothing really. Got late but I didn't want to go to bed as I knew whatever time I did go to bed I'd still wake up during the day tommorow so might as well make the most of this free time.
And what better way to do that, than family guy. Watched the all of disc 2 in season 6.
This took me to about 1am or something, in which I got a facebook request from Lauren asking me what I was doing up so late and asked me to come on msn.
Had a chat for about an hour or so before going off to bed.
I wonder what tommorow will bring....

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