Friday, 7 November 2008

Day 49 - Ashes to ashes, toffee apple to cider

Seems that oversleeping is becoming a natural habit for me now. My alarm went off at 7am as I needed a shower. I set it again for 7:30am and went back to sleep. Must have gone off again and I turned it off, as I ended up waking up at 8:20am :S
Luckily all this morning was, was a 9-11am seminar session, which you can't be late for really, just have to hand your work in on time at the end.
So I was able to have a shower and breakfast without rushing for a change.
The chemistry tutorial we did in the seminar was tricky, but I used my usual reckless tactic of getting through it that I have done my whole life and now hope for the best, got the results back for a chemistry test I had done before, got 58%.
Not bad, but not all that good either. Was kinda hoping for 100%, but ah well..

After the tutorial, passing Natalie and heading to the toilet, I met up with Heffernan (Ben).
Like a gay couple, together we walked to our next class which was just a de-brief of our Ingleton trip. Only lasted an hour even though it was set for 2 hours, so we had an hour to spare. Not that Heff and I used it for any good. Spent those hours on facebook, manga (me) and eating. I also used this time to check my score for my maths coursework. Wanted it to be an improvement of last time.
Got to my Student I.D number.
Now, I know I am bad at maths, hell, I'm terrible at it. But there is NO WAY I got 0. Even if I got every single answer wrong, I know at the very least my working for the final two questions were right as the equation was given and the teacher even looked at the answer and said it was right!
So what the feck is all this about !?!?
My only guess is that I handed it in on a seperate piece of paper (which I was told to do) and because of some shitty health and safety rule they refused to mark it or something. Eitherway I sent an e-mail to my teacher asking what is up, because I know I didn't get 0. As long as there is working you HAVE to get something.
Ruined the rest of my day really.

Finally we had a Geological skills session.
As usual, it was pretty boring and tedious. Just looking at minerals through a microscope guessing what it was.
Is this what Geology is like in the real world ? What have I gotten myself into...

I had Taekwondo at 5pm so walked straight there from the practical session.
Was another really good session. We split up into our grade groups and went through the basics. The best part about this is I can now see how much I have improved over the 6 weeks.
I was able to do each pattern perfect (well, I got them right basically) whilst the beginners seemed clueless. Is that what I really looked like before ?
It got better too when Basil and I were teaching the beginners the moves and in a way that one of them said,
"Oh, when you explain it like that it makes sense" :D

Just goes to show a little practice goes a long way.
Yes, yes, I love Taekwondo!

The social at the library was probably the best I have been to too. It was dead in there so we got our own area by the pool table. Loads of pepole were there. I made friends with some people from the club too that I haven't spoken to before, Terri, self-described as "Terri the friendly goth" and Andy who has the best laugh I've ever heard (apart from Mr. Doll of course, his WAS good).

Oh, but that's not the best part. When I went up to get my drink, the bounds of reality were broken and I stepped into the world of dreams when I saw it.

"Brothers cider. Toffee and apple flavour"

Luckily Daniel was there to pay for it for me (well some of it) as I didn't have enough money. Was so good I had to get two of them. Definitely drinking that in the otley run tommorow 150% !!!!!!
It was quite funny as well how a few weeks ago Rob said that I was having "gay drinks" (Mixed fruit Kopparberg and Strawberry brothers cider) as the contents of them are light red/pink yet he was having lemon Brothers cider.
Hmm.....pretty gay if you ask me. It's like getting the lemon and herb sauce at Nandos.

Well, stayed till about 9:15pm, some girl/woman asked if she could stab me with her light saber on the way back, I didn't say yes, but she did anyway. Didn't hurt though.
Had a game of Bezeek with Adam, lost badly. Though tbh at this point I was REALLY tired, and Adam has played for years.

Laura and Mia did another load of Asda shopping and loads of E blockers have gone home for the weekend.
But, one in particular is gone for good, Ash :(

I'm not sure if I have explained Ash's situation or ever even mentioned him in these blogs. But basically he lives on the 2nd floor, he was here for freshers week but went home on the 1st weekend. While home, he suddenly collasped and was in hospital for about 2 weeks. He said he couldn't walk for a week too and was in a wheelchair. Doctors said it was a sudden drop in blood pressure though it's still not known how or why it actually happened. Basically he came back, much to the suprise of all of us, but it leaving now for good as he doesn't really like his course (Mechanical engineering). I wish I could have gotten to know him better tbh. We seemed to get on really well only after about 2 days of knowing each other. I'd say, he looked, sounded and acted just like Tom Mulchahy (think I spelt that wrong).

Eitherway, he left during the day so I never actually got to say bye to him in person, goodbye Ash :(

Though, this DOES mean that a new person will be arriving soon :D I wonder what they'll turn out to be like, or for starters, whether it'll be a boy or a girl.
All these questions and more will be answered very soon.....

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